Sloan Super Market Meats

From 40lbs. cases of fresh boneless chicken breasts to whole beef strip loins and tenderloins, our meat department is a cut above the rest! We retail well below most wholesale pricing!

Our butchers are ready to custom cut any whole pieces of meat any way you like.

We also offer traditional Porterhouse, T-Bone, Filet Mignon, NY Strips, Delmonico, Sirloin Steaks and other favorite's, cut to order!

We carry a wide selection of marinated, stuffed, breaded and ground items, all made fresh daily!

Treat yourself to a pleasing experience at our meat department and enjoy the quality of meat you and your family deserve!


You could even pre-order a fresh made "Turducken" which is a semi boneless turkey stuffed with a boneless duck and chicken all in one with fresh made seasoned stuffing!


Sloan Super Market
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